Yvonne Craig Video Clips

I found a number of Yvonne's roles and other appearances on youtube and hulu.

I've added * ratings to indicate the size of Yvonne's role, the overall quality of the episode or movie, and the image quality of the video.


Batgirl Pilot ****

Before season 3 of Batman, to introduce the Batgirl character to network affiliates, a short promotional pilot was filmed. This was the first time Yvonne portrayed Batgirl. Note the costume is slightly different.

Batgirl Equal Pay Public Service Announcement ****

In 1974, Yvonne Craig agreed to be in a Public Service Announcement put out by the U.S. Department of Labor. The PSA was about equal pay for women. Craig played Batgirl. Burt Ward also appeared as Robin, but Adam West, trying to distance himself from his Batman role, did not, and so another actor played Batman. This was the last time Yvonne portrayed Batgirl.

Batgirl Theme Song ***

Compilation ****

This video has clips from several of Yvonne's movies and TV shows.

Gidget (1959 film) ****

Yvonne is in the beginning of Gidget, hunting for boys on the beach.

It Happened at the World's Fair ****

Yvonne has a great scene with Elvis about 8 minutes into the movie. See Elvis chase after her.

Kissin' Cousins ***

Yvonne has a large role in this light and entertaining Elvis movie. Her first scene is about 11 minutes in.

Ski Party *

One Spy Too Many ****

Yvonne is the least dressed I've ever seen her in this film.

Perry Mason

"The Case Of The Lazy Lover" ***

CBS has the full episode here. Craig's supporting role in the episode is substantial, including scenes with Raymond Burr and Neil Hamilton.

Dobie Gillis

"Flow Gently, Sweet Money" ****

This episode is one of my favorite roles by Yvonne. She and her costars are very funny, and Yvonne looks very pretty.

Rare unseen pilot footage ***

See a young Yvonne at the beginning, middle, and end of this clip.

I'm Dickens He's Fenster

"Pilot" **

Yvonne has a cameo at the end of this episode (about four minutes into this clip).

"Turn Back the Clock" ***

Yvonne has a large role, and gets to run in terror from the terrible giant lizard!

McHale's Navy

"Pumpkin Takes Over" ****

Yvonne plays an exotic dancer. She has a large role and looks wonderful in some sexy dresses and dance costumes. Unfortunately the picture is not sharp, even on DVD.

Man from U.N.C.L.E.

"The Brain Killer Affair" ****

See the entire episode on youtube. Embedding disabled by request. Yvonne first appears about 10 minutes into the episode.

Big Valley

"The Invaders" ***

It Takes A Thief

"The Bill Is in Committee" ***

Star Trek

"Whom Gods Destroy" ****

Youtube has the episode here. (Embedding disabled by request.)
Yvonne plays one of the original green women on Star Trek.

Land of the Giants

"Wild Journey" **

Yvonne and Bruce Dern play alien researchers visiting the land of the giants. Craig and Dern are on camera a lot during this episode.


"Gossip" ***

Yvonne has one scene, playing the wife of a patient who gets a surprise when she asks about her husband. I've queued up the clip to just play her scene. It is a good one.


"Dark Sunday" ***

Yvonne plays the girlfriend of the head crook; she has a few scenes with him, and plays a role in a heist.

Starsky & Hutch

"Starsky vs. Hutch" *

Youtube has the episode here. (Embedding disabled by request.)
Yvonne has a cameo about two minutes in, as the dancer in a blue dress. This video doesn't provide a clear image of her.

Family Feud

"Batman vs. Lost in Space" *

This is a fun episode, but the video quality of this post is low.

"Adventure Heroines vs. Adventure Heroes" *

Yvonne Craig versus Adam West! Plus some other folks.


Folgers Coffee



Youtube also has Yvonne in a Beer Commercial. Embedding disabled by request.


Another 1980's reunion show is here and here.

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