Yvonne Craig on DVD and Blu-ray

You can see Yvonne on DVD and Blu-ray in some of her many roles. Below are listed the discs that are fairly easy to find, on amazon, Netflix, or some simliar source. Determined fans might be able to find more of Yvonne's roles showing on TV, or for sale on ebay or amazon in the form of VHS tapes, foreign DVD's, or laser discs. I haven't been able to see as many of Yvonne's roles as I would like. If there's a person out there with access to the studio vaults who wouldn't mind making a transfer for a collector, please let me know (actually Warner Brothers has an excellent service like this at www.warnerarchive.com, but they don't currently have anything with Yvonne).

If you're like me, the show you most want to see Yvonne in is Batman. I might be biased, but I consider Batgirl to be Yvonne's best role. She brought an innocence and grace to the part that got me smitten as a young boy. As I sat down to watch an episode of Batman start on the TV, I would hope against hope to see Batgirl appear during the opening credits, and I cheered when she did.

Unfortunately, Batman has never been released on DVD, apparently because of the complexities of the legal rights to releasing it. The web site tvshowsondvd.com has a great article on why Fox has not released Batman on DVD. Basically, many parties share the rights, and so getting an agreement with all of them would be a very large task.

So here are Yvonne's roles that are currently available on DVD or Blu-ray.

I've added * ratings to indicate the size of Yvonne's role, the overall quality of the episode or movie (in my very subjective opinion), and the image quality of the disc.




There are a bunch of large and small, framed and unframed photos of Yvonne for sale at Yvonne's official web site, amazon and ebay. Here's a few on amazon that look good to be, because they're poster sized!

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